War of the Skunks, Giveaways, and a BIG Thank You to Readers in India!

I’d like to open with my family’s latest domestic adventure. While terrorists are not as a huge a concern in our small American city, we do have consistent perimeter breaches from severely obese skunks.

That’s right: skunks, as in the animal. You see, we live in a very mixed city. It’s a drop off point for State Department refugee resettlementĀ  programs, and each culture has a very different relationship with wildlife.

There is an older Russian gentleman next door who enjoys leaving out un-shelled peanuts for his friends: the local skunks (and one giant squirrel). While be just moved into the neighborhood last fall, I can only assume that this has gone on for years and has led to the animals’ bizarre weight gain.

Right after we had moved in, I would regularly get into standoffs with the monsters as I was leaving for work. If we still lived in the country I could have dealt with them the old fashioned way, but we don’t and local laws prohibit that sort of thing now.

I was THIS close to letting go of my pride and calling animal control, when I noticed my other neighbor setting up some large humane traps in his back yard. He and his family had moved from Georgia (the country) and had graciously welcomed us to the neighborhood with some EPIC organic vegetables from their garden.

“Hey are those for the skunks?” I was pretty pleased someone was being so proactive about the neighborhood scourge.

“Yes, for skunks! Will get skunks!”


About a week passed and I noticed both the traps and the skunks had disappeared. One day I caught my Georgian neighbor as he came home.

“So did you get’em?”

“What?” He looked at me, nonplussed.

“Did you get the skunks?”

“Oh yes! They were great!”

“What?” I thought maybe we still weren’t on the same page.

“Yes, got them! Big, fat, very tasty!”

“Oh… good…”

I decided that the important thing was that the skunks were gone, and moved on myself.

Until this morning. When I ran into two skunks. I swear they were waiting for me.

Apparently, once skunks reside in a given area for long enough, it becomes claimed by skunks in general. Even if the original skunks die, others will sense the dens somehow and come to claim the territory.

The struggle continues… Hopefully I’ll get pictures and/or video for your amusement. Now that we have an infant in the house, the urgency to quell the obese skunk threat grows ever greater!

Anyway, down to business: there is a giveaway of a paperback copy of Disorder of War: Book I on Goodreads that will end on 3/23/15/ Entering is free!

A giveaway also just ran on Amazon but ran through in about 3 hours. Congrats to the winner! We will run another one next month that will hopefully last a week or two so everyone has the opportunity to throw their name into the hat.

Finally I’d like to thank theĀ  community of Fantasy Readers in India, I have been humbled by everyone’s interest and excitement. It’s always encouraging to see such a large and vibrant group interested in the nerdier and more epic things in life!

Stay tuned for a reddit chat in the next few weeks!

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