Updates, Audiobooks, and Art

Hey folks,

So I know there’s been some pretty thick radio silence on Disorder of War: Book II but I’m happy to report progress is being made and we’re look at a Q4 2016 for release. I’d like to get it out by early fall but writing is a lot like warfare: the best laid  plans often get completely shafted.

I’m also very excited to share that production of the audiobook for Disorder of War: Book I has officially started and sounds EPIC (if I do say so myself)! Hopefully, as things progress, we can do a sneak peak and give you a bit of background on the voice actor- a wonderful Irish fellow I had the honor to serve with in the Holy Land. All audiobooks will be distributed by Audible.com.

The cover and art for Book II are also coming along swimmingly! The digital forges of C. J. Teague are churning out their usual awesomeness, including this WIP of a statue of Vovog, the Sun Deity of Arrenon.

The Sun God Vovog C. J. Teague
The Sun God Vovog
C. J. Teague

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