Top 5 Fantasy Weapons

I was a fantasy nerd before it was trendy, and I’m one of those annoying fellows who loves to tell people how I read A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) over ten years ago- long before it was hip. The surge in popularity of fantasy and shows like Game of Thrones and Vikings has led to fans trying to arm themselves with old school weaponry and winding up with a load of rubbish. Some want fantasy weapons as display pieces, some as backyard toys <cringe>, and others as serious martial arts or hunting tools.  I’ve decided to create a list of what I think are the most practical and quality nerdy weapons on the market. Enjoy!


This War Hammer by Cold Steel will sate your Viking fix and serve as a useful hunting or hiking tool- especially in the winter months. At just $47 on Amazon it won’t break the bank either!

Legolas Bow

This Legolas Bow on Etsy is durable, light, but will pack the punch of a bow legal for hunting. Either as a fantasy nerd display piece or a tool to fill your freezer you can’t go wrong at $85.

Hungarian Bow

This wooden hand crafted Hungarian Bow is both authentic and useful, also serving up a legal poundage for hunting or target shooting. $129 for the quality isn’t bad either.

Assegai Spear

My personal fantasy nerd favorite,  the Assegai Spear is my backup for big game hunting and comes super sharp out of the box. At $59 bucks on Amazon this is also a good piece for martial arts training but BE CAREFUL PEOPLE!


The ultimate prize of most fans, a sword is a special item indeed. Remember, most swords on the market are crap- especially if they’re under $1000. I recommend for the highest quality (battle ready) swords that at still affordable.

The last item I’d like to mention isn’t exactly a recommendation. It is a display piece only so I normally wouldn’t bother, but the reviews are GOLD.


*Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the foolish nonsense that fantasy nerd folk perpetrate with their weapons.

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