Mordor is Real and Patrick Rothfuss has Summoned the Legions!

Patrick Rothfuss has summoned the Legions to the aid of Syrian refugees! Join the war against the Shadow here!

The name Mordor comes from the Elvish language Quenya, and means “Land of Shadow”. If one wanders the real world any number of real Mordors can be stumbled upon. Lands of Shadow abound, and despite the heights of technology and the power of our armies, the forces of darkness seem to grow stronger.

In today’s post, I would like to point out that the Isis (Daesh) stronghold is absolutely a Mordor, and Syria is an Osgiliath. Gondor calls for aid, the beacons are lit, but too few have answered the call. I have spent the last decade since I graduated high school traveling in and out of the Shadow, trying to do what I can. I have seen the refugee crisis with my own eyes, having delivered aid to the tent city of Zaatari.



Humanitarian work is exhausting, as the scale of human suffering in many of the war zones I have ended up in has been overwhelming. The sadness and anger present in the personal stories of thousands are terrible, but I have clung to the perseverance and strength of <especially> the smallest victims as a light in the darkness. As corny as it may sound, I always see the spirit of Tolkien’s hobbits in the faces of the children in such places, and while I have wept for what they have had to endure it has given me hope for the future.


It has brought me great joy to see many of those coming together to fight the shadow have been from the fantasy community. Those in main stream culture often criticize lovers of fantasy for escapism and lack of practicality. Patrick Rothfuss, for one, has unequivocally shown this to be false.

Since the success of his books Mr. Rothfuss has put a great amount of his time and energy into charity, even starting the organization Worldbuilders. I have been impressed both by his leadership in this quest and by his diligence in choosing where to send donated resources. The organizations he has associated himself with (Heifer International and Mercy Corps) have good track records and high levels of transparency. In a world where many organizations ostensibly on track to help people turn out to be scams or mildly charitable profit machines, ensuring integrity and effectiveness is a sign of competency and responsibility.

I would urge everyone, especially those in the fantasy community to help out here. All funds in this campaign are going to help Syrian refugees in an effective way. Believe me: I was there and have seen what works and what doesn’t. I have been very angry about what doesn’t, and so this effective campaign is all the more important to me. Even if you can’t give, please spread the word- the campaign ends Friday night! Light the beacons- Gondor calls for aid!

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