N. J. Shamey is an international security contractor now settling down with his family in the U.S.

He writes as a hobby, aided by the imagination of his beautiful wife Reham. Without her, his writing would be little more than men hitting other men with swords.

In Disorder of War a company of soldiers are deployed to secure Imperial supply routes and confront exotic and fearsome enemies. The glorious façade of war is broken down and they must rely on grit, wit, and brotherhood to survive. They find that their greatest challenges are not the battles themselves, but the demons that haunt the mind in the aftermath. Will there be magic? It is low fantasy… so you’ll have to read it for yourself!

The story originally began as imaginative brain storming with my wife, who encouraged me to write some of our ideas down. Our talks emerged as a series of short stories based on our mutual experiences in war and travel around the globe. For us, it was the bonds of friendship and love that are formed during times of hardship that are the most interesting.

Company E was imagined as a brotherhood reminiscent of Shamey’s own built across the conflict zones of the Middle East and East Asia. He have attempted to capture in his own humble way how war drives people together, forges them into figures of great strength- or breaks them.

Despite a love for physical challenges and years of security and military training, N. J. is, at heart, a nerd, and by academic training a political scientist. Now that theyhad created this group of soldiers, they had to have a back story. Where did they come from? What were their histories and religions? What forces drive the conflicts of their world? Slowly, a map developed, again with the help of his lovely wife, the Kingdom of Katora was flushed out, the Old Empire rose and fell, and the Arrenese loomed out of the north with their numerous armies and ambition to match.

Once the geographic and political maps were in progress N. J. and Reham began to try to simulate economies for each political group, and tie them together through global trade routes. It was actually by running basic simulations of supply and demand that the back story for the conflicts began to be flushed out. In the “real” world, most international conflict has some kind of economic root, and it is the same for the world of DoW. Excel spreadsheets emerged and continue to grow in complexity as the story arc branches out from Katora to the trade cities.

The next step was to find an artist. N. J. Shamey wanted to support someone local, and since he wasn’t in any rush he spent a few months sifting through people on Craigslist. Finally, he was approached by CJ Teague who is actually a graphic designer for digital gaming. He immediately understood Shamey’s vision for DoW and his first pass at the concept art was phenomenal.

You can check out N. J. Shamey’s first novel Disorder of War: Book I on Amazon here.

Look out for  Disorder of War Book 2  in mid to late 2017.

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