Pregnancy Pounds… For Men!

I have run 20 miles with a backpack full of bricks. I have run messages through the jungle alongside rebels in war-torn countries. I have prided myself with not only being in shape, but being in peak form for most of my adult life. Boy was I surprised when my nerdy gamer body started emerging back into the waking world.

My wife is pregnant- and as it turns out, so am I. While my beautiful bride is cooking up another human to join our loving family, I’m incubating a pot belly. Have I stopped exercising, you ask? Well, I’m definitely not running ten milers every other day any more but I still get out there and still keep up with my calisthenics. Here’s the real issue: healthy relationships! As it turns out, I’m not the only one with this issue. Men everywhere who love their wives and spend a lot of time with them put on the pregnancy pounds. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, its just an adjustment in expectations.

At 20, I didn’t look ahead to 27 and see a new father, eating raw cranberries and excessive amounts of Velveeta cheese with his wife. I didn’t expect to publish a fantasy novel, and definitely didn’t see myself as a blogger… but here I am!

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