Free the Oppressed and Stand for Human Dignity, Justice, and Reconciliation in Burma

I am not generally in the business of plugging for this or that fundraiser. I think these things are usually better left to be spread by personal connections.

However, the Free Burma Rangers are the exception. I have worked alongside them personally, so I can attest to their integrity as an organization and promise you that they are the most epic, innovative, and effective NGO of their kind.

The Free Burma Rangers not only provide humanitarian aid, but do so in an honorable and sustainable way. Their three requirements for members are what sets them apart:

“1. Love- Each person strives to do this for the love of the people and no one is paid. They still belong to their parent organizations.

2. Ability to read and write – due to the medical, documentation and other skills needed, literacy in at least one language is required.

3. Physical and moral courage- they have to have the physical strength and endurance to be able to walk to crisis areas, and the moral courage to be with people under attack and to stand with them if they cannot flee.
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If you would like to help out but cannot fly out to the jungle personally, consider giving on their website or to this GoFundMe campaign. I have worked with Jesse and know that he brings a lot to the operations of the organization and will do great work over there.
It is rare to have the opportunity to be apart of such selfless service, especially in a world so plagued by corruption and dishonesty. If you do not have the means to give, I would urge you to look to your own community and stand with the oppressed. It is not just outside the borders of our great nation that people are in need of help.

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