Disorder of War: Book I UNLEASHED! Paperback and eBook now available on Amazon

Well folks that day has finally arrived! After making some changes to the proof we have an approved paperback for distribution!

It has been a long but thoroughly enjoyable process, and luckily I was able to get the bulk of my part done before my son was born. His mine-filled diapers and hilarious facial expressions will fill most of my time in the coming weeks.

The breakdown:

The eBook is available for $3.99 on Kindle, and also for free if you happen to be a Kindle Unlimited subscriber.

The paperback is $11.99 and distributed through Createspace, but listed on Amazon and all the major wholesalers.

For the next three months at least the eBook will be distributed exclusively through Amazon. After that point I will reassess and take feedback on whether to open up to Kobo and Apple distribution as well.

Enjoy and I look forward to hearing everyone’s feedback!!!

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