Are you Afraid of North Korea?

Many Americans are frightened about the current political situation. There is fear over healthcare, Trump in general, the Supreme court, and terrorism. Added into the mix now has been a major escalation in the fear over North Korea.

We can justifiably blame the mass media for all this fear. The more they get people ratcheted up the more money advertisers stuff in their crusty pockets. Some have even claimed that the narrative around North Korea is dripping with racism. Legitimate fear comes from the sound of breaking glass in the night, or a growl from somewhere behind you. Media based fear makes you buy things… you’ve been warned!

To a certain extent, fear over North Korea is legitimate. They have nukes. They have a giant army. We probably would lose a ground war with them, although we could certainly bomb North Korea into a parking lot if we wanted to.

How might this effect the average American? It depends- power shortages, supply shortages, and the degree to which a conflict might involve a ground war.

My personal opinion is that there isn’t much one can do to prepare given the level of uncertainty involved. Hopefully our leaders will prove competent and able to avoid major conflict…

Shockingly, given a power outage many Americans can’t even make fire for themselves. You may need a knife/fire starter kit to cook, clean, and stay warm. What about if you need to filter your own water?  Unsure even how to use these items? Brush up on the basics:

Not even sure if there is something to worry about? That probably means you need to do some background reading. You can’t make a non-fear based decision for you or your family without understanding the context:

Best of luck!

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